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Sunday, May 1, 2011

14 for 7 from the 7 til 14

...confused yet??

So, I've been trying to come up with something appropriate for me right now (this time of the year, this much school work, weather, blah blah etc.) to help me start remixing like Kendi. She always has such great ideas for remixing, and I think I'm creative enough to get crafty and design my own project geared towards my needs. I am a schlepper... I could be in PJs or sweatpants all day. Since I'm graduating in 2 weeks from today, I need to change that... This project will force me to get up and get dressed every day (which will be good for finals week because, for some reason, I focus better when I'm dressed properly), and think consciously about my outfit choices.

This is my project:
The week before graduation, May 7th through 14th, I am going to wear only 14 different articles of clothing (for 7 days), so that I can better learn how to remix what I already own! Kendi inspires projects like the 30 for 30 challenge, which are way too intense for me at this point in my early blogging career... You can read her rules, but right now I'm working on mine. I've already established a few, though, some of which are similar to hers:

1) Exercise clothing does not count. That'd be gross. I'm allowed to change to work out, which means I'll probably be more inspired to go to the gym for some endorphins the week before my summer begins, anyway!
2) Underwear/garments/shirts/tanks don't count either, obviously.
3) Accessories are not part of the 14. Shoes, to me, are accessories. Therefore, shoes aren't part of the group either ;)
4) The weather is still REALLY iffy here, so leggings/tights and outerwear are not part of the 14. Also, I might need to substitute a pair of jeans for a pair of jeans since I'm in college and there are always laundry issues or people borrow your clothes, etc.

I also already know some items I'm going to include!! I have to consider things like Saturday to Saturday means senior/grad brunches and I don't want to be a.... WAIT FOR IT.... outfit repeater! (hence remixing)... ok, anywho:
1) Gray splendid maxi skirt via Bop
2) Dark green, knitted maxi dress
3) 1 Pleasure Doing Business Skirt -- either blue and white stripes or GOLD -- what do you think?
4) White lace crop top via Urban
5) Royal blue cardi via Madewell
6) Jeans (undecided which pair) *
7) Striped tee shirt via Urban
8) White button down via Urban
9) either another skirt (black?) or a pair of shorts... weather dependent * In Wisconsin this time of year, it could be 30 degrees or 70 from day to day...
10) 1 special outfit for something special! This 1 special outfit could be decided last minute, or borrowed from a friend, and must count as one of the 14 pieces
11) Cream blazer via Urban
12) .....??

WHAT AM I MISSING? I feel like I need more "bottoms," although it's only 1 week. Suggestions? I'll post my items soon with pictures!

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