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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some [photo art] o' mine

I'm feeling lazy today, again, as usual... but this time it's because I've been redecorating my apartment. More on how to "re-feng sui" your apt cheaply coming soon.

Anywho: I'm bored and being a major procrastinator, so I thought I'd share some of my recent, what I like to call, "photo art." It's a combo of photography, 2D elements of design, and color theory.

Detail from Casa Battlo, Gaudi

It's been a pretty rough month, so,
Outside of The National Gallery of Art in DC
going forward...

My next goal, after teaching myself Spanish with Rosetta Stone and books for dummies, is to take a course in photography!

What do you think of my photography skills thus far? Feedback always welcomed.


So, maaaaaaybe I have a new favorite purchase from Barcelona... THESE SHOES!!:

I found this store, Pretty Ballerinas, when I was working in London. I was wandering around from the Green Park area (where my workplace, The Halcyon Gallery, is located) and meandered into this little store. At that point in England the pound to dollar was nearly 2:1. However, Pretty Ballerinas is a Spanish company, and has a location right inside the hotel in which we stayed! Since I wasn't feeling well enough to spend any time anywhere other than the hospital, in the hotel, and to soak up a bit of culture, I felt like I deserved a "get well soon" present to myself that EPITOMIZES Schlepper Chic, the person [moi], and the name of my new baby blog!

They are _____ because.....:
Schlepper: They're ballet flats, and I always wear flats over heels when I can get away with it. I'm a schlepper who always likes to be comfortable.

Chic: I mean, look at them. They are black patent leather, which pretty much makes any outfit you're wearing fancier, and they are essentially FLATS WITH A BIT OF A HEEL!!! Patent, big bow, and a heel that suits a schlepper's liking? What more could a recovering chick in Spain ask for besides a dazzling new pair of slip-on beauties?

....I wore them the first night I bought them! so comfy! stay tuned for some outfit pics

<3 moi

P.S. I miss my dog, Cleopatra [Cleo/Clee/little dog] tons today. Isn't she purdy? Her name is also worth knowing about:

We got her after her older "brother," Caesar. He passed away last May, and I miss him every single day!

Friday, March 25, 2011

mystère du masque

I'm back from my trip! It was quite interesting, and I'm exhausted from traveling, so I'm just going to give you a little sneak peak of one of my favorite cultural aspects of Spain...

Even though I was in Spain, I was able to utilize my French fluency. The artist in d us that the main appeal of masks in Spanish and Venetian culture is the element of mystery. On my previous trip to Spain, I went to Almeria to study the artist Ibanez; his art features many masks [some even scare me a bit...]!the shop tol

...and speaking of "m. du m." -- I want M&Ms right now. S.O. to my sophomore year roommate, who started my tradition and obsession [I have a lot of those] with the notorious "M&M JAR!" P.S. Replacing "crunchy" for "pretzel" is not OK.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Product Review & More About MOI!

Something you should know about me: I am a procrastinator. 

I am also a very lucky girl! Tomorrow I'm headed to Barcelona, Marrakech & Madrid with the Manfriend for our last Spring Break before... wait for it... "THE REAL WORLD." Obviously my nails need to look purdy and stay as perfect as possible while I'm frollicking around Europe and N. Africa. So, after another all nighter [oh, the joys of being a college senior], I took Katie's advice from Running on Happiness and I tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nails.

I promised myself I wasn't going to work on this blog at all until I graduate and actually have time, but some things are just too cool, quick and easy not to share with you! Purchased @ Walgreens

Also, I came up with another means of procrastination that is actually going to be pretty effective with helping me to travel lightly.... I made a day-by-day list of what I'm going to wear in each place, complete with my flight itineraries and the weather forecast for each day. [my eyes are always bigger than my stomach in terms of packing, and this helped me to fit all my clothes/crap, cause we all got it!/toiletries -- another guilty pleasure = travel size items -- into a carry on.]

.... if you procrastinate like I do, then stay tuned for the embarrassing, or possibly cool, if you're into "notes"in sketchbook form of my packing list, and maybe even a few pictures from my trip! I highly recommend expressing your thoughts/worries/to-do-lists in a visually creative way. I took a course one summer at Maryland Institute College of Art titled "Sketchbook As Diary" -- It's fun and therapeutic, and you have to do it anyway. 

I am sorry if my posts seem all over the place! I am still a newbie, and haven't even figured out how to change the template for my blog or exactly what I'd like this space to become. So, for now, bear with me, and let me know what you think {after you go buy these Salon Effects miracles!}

Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to my blog, birthed by an insomniac!

It's a girl! And her name is Schlepper Chic

Welcome to my new blog, Schlepper Chic. Once again, I am up until the early hours of the morning with a racing mind. So, what did I do? Created a blog that I know I'll want to use some day. I worry about everything. I mean, EVERYTHING... yes, even coming up with the perfect name for my blog (like I JUST did), and not having the time to maintain it... thus leading to the loss of my perfect blog's perfect title... you get where I am going with this...

Anyhoo: When I tell you that I just started reading blogs this week -- mostly FASHION blogs and general lifestyle, so far -- I am not making it up. Blogs like Katie's from Running On Happiness and Linley's from Dwelling & Telling have inspired me the most at this point, and are the reasons I decided to start my own blog. 

I really don't want anyone to be reading yet because there isn't much to see. BUT! Just in case you are... Stay tuned. Schlepper Chic will be sure to inspire you in some creative way or another!