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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thinking of Blue

I proudly dedicate today's post to my best friend, Jami! I thought of her immediately when picking out this outfit because her favorite color has been blue for as long as I've known her (16 years). I'm excited about this post because I haven't written in a while, and it's my first dedication!! 

...I'm also really excited about it because both outrageously fabulous articles of clothing I'm wearing in this post were recently purchased from H&M!! Yes, ladies. This means you, too, can go out and find my awesome blazer and easy-to-wear t-shirt dress right away if you so desire :)

Jami, D., I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

blue shades via h&M

shoes via steve madden
toe color: steady as she rose by OPI (Pirates of the Carribean collection)

I polished my nails today later in the day after taking pictures for zee blog... I got the idea for the title of this post from the name of the color (Thinking of Blue) -- it's an awesome navy color, and it's Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (these work great)! To see my product review, click here. I also highly recommend the color I'm wearing on my toes now, Steady As She Rose. It's so beautiful, and my pictures don't do it justice! It's a great lilacy-pink for summer!

I hope you liked today's outfit!!

<3 Madison

P.S. Today's lesson of the day: Don't wear heels on grass. 

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