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Friday, May 6, 2011

Necklaces du Jour

Well... yesterday's "jour"

Notice the time stamp.... did I tell you I was an insomniac or what!? 

Anywho: these were the necklaces I happened to be wearing yesterday:

Heart via the Man; Pendant via House of Harlow

The reason I'm showing these to you is because, even though it was just another average day of finals week, I managed to throw on a piece of revelatory bling!! My double-sided gold heart necklace... One side has an "M," my first initial, and the other side looks like this: 

"Austin Danger Powers?"
"Danger's my middle name."

Well, Rae is mine!!

Now that I've let you in on my little secret, I'm also going to tell you how much I looooove my middle name :) Do you like your name? I'd love to hear some cool ones!

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