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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This weather ain't the best thing for my long luscious locks...

For the past 3 days the weather has been unbearable. It was 98 degrees yesterday, and today's temperature didn't fall too far behind! I don't do so well in the heat, and needless to say, neither does my hair. HOWEVER, I've found a few amazing products that really help to tame my thick, wavy hair in this heat and humidity. My hair is also colored and dry from swimming. If you have hair like mine, you should consider trying the following products:

This Bumble and Bumble Quenching Shampoo is exactly what it sounds like... I especially love the little blurb "for the (terribly) thirsty." I'm always in the pool for exercise, but I figured you guys might be interested in trying out this product because a lot of us spend even more time in the pool in the summer time!

I have not tried the quenching conditioner, but I have tried the quenching complex.

I really, really, really like this product. I usually put a bit in my hair when it's wet after I shower even if I'm not going to blow dry it. It helps with hydration and keeping the frizzies down. If I do blow dry my hair, however, I always use this product with it and am so happy with the results. My hair feels smooth and shiny and all of the wonderful adjectives you associate with purdy hair.

I've also been throwing my hair up on top of my head a lot because I feel like there's nothing else to do with it, so it's been getting really knotty! (I also forgot to bring home my straightening iron because, once again, I saved packing for last minute). My mom got me this awesome leave in conditioner:

It's like detangler for big kids... Seriously. I have even tested this stuff out by shampooing my hair, not using conditioner and seeing if this suffices. And, yes. It does! Do yourself a favor and go out and get some, gals. Because not only does this miracle leave-in conditioner work, but it has keratin in it, which is a protein that aids in smoothing and straightening. 

Last, but not least: Philosophy body wash, bath gel, and/or shampoo! My favorite seasonal flavor for this summer is papaya passion punch. I love philosophy products and always have because they're just so much fun! I could spend hours (literally. and have before.) in Sephora smelling all the different scents trying to make a decision. (Even though I don't recommend using this as shampoo over the aforementioned Bumble and Bumble products, you can, which is why I am including it in this post. Use it as a body wash and come out of the shower smelling delish!)

Let me know what you think of these products! 

<3 Madison

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