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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Product Review: Double Whammy!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Color: Back to the Fuchsia

Now, this stuff WORKS! Sally Hansen claims that it is "all 5 steps of a manicure in 1 bottle," and it really is (see their website here). My nails needed to be filed, buffed, and everything in between, but I didn't have time. I hate when my nails look shnasty, so I pulled this out of my cabinet (had bought it one time at Walgreens thinking I might try it some time) and put on a couple coats. Not only did it fill any spaces that needed to be buffed out, but it really does shine and stay on as if you've had a full on salon manicure with all the steps (base coat, polish, top coat, etc.). 

It's awesome, and I wanna get more colors!
Sally Hansen dares us to compare it to our favorite salon brands (like OPI and Essie), and I have to say, I am quite surprised by how torn I am about which is the best polish. Additionally, it goes on super smoothly and easily due to the tapered end of the brush to polish your nails... I barely got any Fuchsia on the sides of my nails and cuticles! 

It's been 3 days and my nails still look exactly the same... we'll see how long this awesomeness lasts!

On a less exciting note.... I was really excited about the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (again, Walgreens Wanderer right here....) in White, because I thought it'd be good for giving myself a French manicure (or, at least attempting) and drawing cool designs on my already-polished claws. 

Don't be deceived!
I took this picture immediately after I added the heart to nail, and was pumped about how good (I thought) it looked, and all the potential designs I could create to avoid studying for finals!

Well, even after an hour of waiting for it to dry, and being careful for three, it never did. I eventually had to wipe it off (which I hate doing with any kind of nail polish -- gooey grossness) and I'm mad I bought it. Maybe it didn't turn out well because it was on top of the Sally Hansen Salon polish, which is supposed to appear to have a shiny top coat finish, and you are supposed to apply the pen to the nail before you add anything else?? But I don't know. 

Anyway, go for the Complete Salon Manicure polish! I wish they had more colors, but I'm sure they'll add some new summery ones soon.

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