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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 4: Nautical Nut

Today's outfit is exactly what it sounds like, and also serves as a tool for describing my personality.

....okay, so that might be pushing it, but you'll see what I mean.

I woke up today from the light and heat of the sun in my room. Under any other circumstances, that'd be an awesome thing, considering I've been "wintering" in Wisco since, oh, you know.... OCTOBER of this year, with the occasional need for a North Face in SEPTEMBER. However, today I had mixed feelings about this 80 degree, "instant summer out of nowhere" weather, because I still have two major research papers to write by Friday, and couldn't go outside and play [ <--- personality giveaway #1: I really do mean play when I say "play"... My mom still has to buy Disney princess paper plates for my birthday cakes at 22 years old - haaaaaaa].

This is me sad I can't play today.
Something I want the world to know about the University of Wisconsin is that BEER is sold at our student union! People sit outside when it's nice out and do work on "the Terrace," one of the campus's most famous spots, overlooking one of the lakes between which the University is situated.

Anyway, I decided to make my own fun inside before leaving to do work:

TOM'S via eBay
glasses via SMU
Bracelets: gifts
Watch: Michele via Radcliffe Jewelers

Something I think is really awesome about this outfit (and project in general) is it makes me realize how versatile my clothing can be. I literally threw this on this morning. The top is so comfy and the writing is in French [ <--- personality giveaway #2: I am almost fluent, and I love the French language more than almost anything in the world - It's beautiful, complicated and romantic].

Anywho, back to the outfit: let's talk accessories, and what they can do for ya. Here I'm wearing TOM'S, what fellow blogger, BiblioMOMia, describes as "the universal grad student shoe" here -- and I'm about to be one (after I take some time off, of course... this girl is fried)! My look is great for day time, and extremely functional (which for me, means comfortable) [ <--- personality giveaway #3 - I always have to be comfortable. I am not the kind of girl that will sacrifice comfort for beauty or fashion].

Wedges: Jessica Simpson via Nordstrom BP 

However, if I change my "hairstyle" (remove the signature sign of a schlepper, THE PONY TAIL), and throw on pearls (mine are fake - don't think looking classy has to require dough) and some form of heels, I completely change my look and feel! I also now have a potential outfit for "the last Tuesday night" of college, though I doubt this is what I'm going to wear ;)

Meet my giant bean bag. It... he?... makes my apartment much cozier, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend a lot of my time here when I'm home writing papers, reading, or just watching TV*.

Please excuse the awkward foot shot. I wanted to make sure you got another glimpse of the giant buckle that I love so much on the side of these "easy-to-dress-up-or-down" wedges!
Like I said, the sun woke me up this morning, and it was really, really hot in my apartment. I don't do well with heat [ <--- personality giveaway #4 ], hence the reason I chose to go to school in Wisconsin even though I'm from the East Coast. By the time I ran around my apartment in yoga poses (and just around my apartment in general like a total weirdo), took my pictures for the blog, changed accessories, took pics again, and packed up my books to head out for the day, I saw a sweaty mess in the mirror that kind of resembled me from earlier this morning....

Faux pearls: Ralph Lauren via Macy's

And yes, I left for a coffee shop this way! It's okay, though -- people didn't notice my hair because they were distracted by my first attempt this season to look like a sailor's girlfriend... or at least I'd like to think so!

*TV: I am a huge TV series fanatic. If you, too, would like procrastinations from finals week, or if you are a "real person" like I'm about to be, and need a distraction from the stress of every day life, then take my advice and start watching one of the following series if you haven't already....

Quality drama:
-The Wire (1 hr/episode) -- In my personal opinion, The Wire is the best show that has ever aired on television. Season 4 is, by far, the best, and most people who I've talked to who've seen the show agree. Thisa means you have more and more to look forward to as the seasons progress!
-The Sopranos (1 hr/episode)
-Six Feet Under (1 hr/episode -- extremely creepy but intriguing)

Witty comedy:
-Arrested Development (.5 hr/episode)

Purely for entertainment's sake:
-Prison Break Season 1 (1 hr/episode)-- but then stop there!! It gets really bad. However, the first season reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption in a TV series
-Nip/Tuck Seasons 1, 2 and 3 (1 hr/episode) -- once again, stop watching after Season 3... it goes down hill.


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  1. love your wedges and white sunnies!! and love the nautical look! (: