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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A different kind of HAIR "PLUG"

It's April 28th and was a whopping 39 degrees here in Madison, Wisconsin today.... went to class (can I get a "hell yes!?"), ran some other errands, attempted to prepare my apartment for my friend who's visiting this weekend (he's quite the handful), blah blah etc etc. I was bored, and this is where my mind went: I wish my hair was long enough to donate again!

I have been blessed with an extremely thick head of luscious locks... I love my hair. And I'm allowed to say that because I can also admit there are other parts of my body that I hate! However, I can change someone's life by giving them my hair instead of my minorly college-esque beer belly.

Can you imagine, especially as a female, losing your hair? It sounds very superficial at first (hey! don't judge! I'm the one who donated my hair, here!), but when you think about it, your hair is such a defining feature. People see it. People notice it. You can change it to match your mood by the way you style it. There are aisles in the grocery store solely dedicated to hair! You can be a hair model... catch my drift?

Something else to consider is that hair can be really hard to grow long/strong/healthy for anyone, let alone someone who is battling an illness... I can attest to this, as I planned to grow my hair out to donate (and give to Pantene Beautiful Lengths) from the beginning. I knew I wanted to take perfect care of my hair, so that I could make someone very, very happy with it!

For almost 2 years (literally) I cut my hair 1/2 of an inch every month. I used good products. I didn't straighten or blow dry it often. I didn't wash it more than once in a day. Baaaaasically, my hair (well, this other person that'd be receiving my hair somewhere that I didn't know) came first, and I was a slave to it. Now that's maintenance! I'm a swimmer. Despite the chlorine, I still kept it looking like this:

Your hair doesn't have to be this long... I guess I got a little carried away, as I do with everything. Mine was nearly touching my belly button when I cut it - not ok. Only in this case, it was, because it was for a reason and so healthy! For Pantene Beautiful Lengths, you only need to give 8 inches, vs. other programs that require 10. I'd also heard a little bit ago that there was a place to which you could donate your hair that didn't have a length or no color requirement, but I'll have to get back to you on that...

Apparently, it takes a couple of pony tales to make a wig... they told me that with my hair, alone, they were able to make multiple wigs!

If you were to get your hair cut short for the season what style would you get?

Do you need to hear more about this experience to help you decide whether or not to "make the cut?" If you have any questions about products that help prevent breakage and damage, please feel free to ask!

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