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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 3: Study Chic

I can honestly say that yesterday was the first time in a while that I felt truly productive, and I chalk it all up to my invigoratingly colorful outfit with jeans that were tight-fitting enough to keep me awake, and a top and cardi that were loose-fitting enough to provide comfort all day and night.

You know those days when you are absolutely swamped with work, and you keep chipping away at it, but feel like you're getting nowhere? Well, those days have encompassed my past couple of weeks.

So, without further ado, here is the outfit that kept me going for hours on end yesterday, so I could finish up my FLW architectural theory papers [please ignore the hair, as this is my "study girl" look... not that I don't throw my hair on top of my head all the time anyway...]:

Ta da!
Since I was so productive yesterday, I didn't have time to post, but I did manage to snap some great pictures of my accessories before I headed to a coffee shop to do work with a friend.

Necklace via CUSP in Georgetown
Shoes: 1937 via Madewell in Georgetown
Ring: a NYC boutique via a friend

You might be wondering why I'm wearing pants and a sweater on May 9th -- us UW students got jipped this year... no Spring! It went straight from Winter to Summer here in Madison, Wisconsin, ladies and gentlemen, but yesterday was the one day that felt truly Springy. Sunny, a few sail boats back on the lake, and an awesome breeze. Nevertheless, a "breeze" here isn't a normal one, so I was even a bit chilly in what I had on.  

What do you think of the view from my college apartment?! I feel so lucky to wake up to a pretty view every day.
Lake Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin
My favorite detail of outfit #3 outfit that I didn't even notice until after I'd put it together is....

...all the POCKETS!

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts about this Madison-made remix that I was hoping that, even though this particular project isn't that hard in terms of # of articles of clothing/days to wear them, it would help me be less of a schlepper by forcing me to get dressed every day. So far, it's working, and I love the way I feel!

I hope my little project has inspired you to get out of bed and put yourself together at LEAST one day this week, even if you're swamped or stressed or anything and everything in between!

I also hope you take this little tip into consideration, as it is something I didn't even realize I did until this post!!: whenever you have a test or paper (if you're in school), or if you have to focus for a long time, WEAR JEANS! They'll keep you awake... I promise.

<3 Madison

P.S. Notice the posters on my wall? I graduate this coming Sunday with a degree in ART HISTORY. I love art. Besides the lake, another good thing about being in Madison, Wisconsin is being so close to the Milwaukee Art Museum. It's an architectural gem, and they have an incredible modern and post-modern collection. They have a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition until Sunday, too! If you can I highly recommend checking it out!

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  1. wow I love this necklace! sometimes accessories scare me! I need to be braver because I see outfits like this, and how a good accessory can just really complete the whole ensemble!

    -Heather from