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Friday, April 15, 2011

April Anthro Catalogue... avec mes changes!


I read the April 2011 Anthropologie catalogue, and....

I have to be honest, I didn't like some of the outfit pairings. While some pieces caught my eye (ex: the turquoise pencil skirt below via anthro), I thought that it'd look much better with a BDG button down shirt via Urban Outfitters (that comes in so many colors -- I have the white -- and is much more cost effective than certain tops from anthro).

 In this post, I am going to try to inspire you to "do it yourself" with some of these outfits.

Lesson #1: In many cases, one [simple] shirt can completely change the look of two skirts with entirely different look

Lesson #2: Maxi skirts are the best things since sliced bread. Not only can you EAT sliced bread and still be comfortable in them, but they are flowy and springy and oh, so comfy! Take my advice!

Lesson #3: Accessories -- more to come later!! We're already examining remixing and color in new types of skirts, here, let's take a bit of a break...

HOWEVER... How much snazzier are my looks than anthro's vision for these little SPRING 2011 numbers? [below]

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