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Friday, April 15, 2011

Just musing....

I am about to go read aloud to less fortunate school age children with some women from my sorority...

I have decided I want to do a REMIX exercise like Kendi did, but I don't know if I want to wait for her to "create" a new one/set the trend for this Spring. Plus, my roll into Spring/Summer mode is usually a little different because I'm packing up for home (this time permanantly) from college, in addition to the weather in Madison, WI being a little "iffy." Thus, my remix idea might be very, very customized, just to see if I can't challenge myself.

I love the idea of The Daybook's Awesome and Awkward Thursdays, except I want to be awkward and awesome all the time... so I'm going to be. Whenever I feel like it. Oh, you'll know...

<3 moi

P.S. REMINDER: College Prep is giving away those rain boots -- don't forget to register!!
P.P.S. Along the lines of College Prep... she found these yoga mats. I need a new one. What do we think? Cute, or not?

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