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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So, maaaaaaybe I have a new favorite purchase from Barcelona... THESE SHOES!!:

I found this store, Pretty Ballerinas, when I was working in London. I was wandering around from the Green Park area (where my workplace, The Halcyon Gallery, is located) and meandered into this little store. At that point in England the pound to dollar was nearly 2:1. However, Pretty Ballerinas is a Spanish company, and has a location right inside the hotel in which we stayed! Since I wasn't feeling well enough to spend any time anywhere other than the hospital, in the hotel, and to soak up a bit of culture, I felt like I deserved a "get well soon" present to myself that EPITOMIZES Schlepper Chic, the person [moi], and the name of my new baby blog!

They are _____ because.....:
Schlepper: They're ballet flats, and I always wear flats over heels when I can get away with it. I'm a schlepper who always likes to be comfortable.

Chic: I mean, look at them. They are black patent leather, which pretty much makes any outfit you're wearing fancier, and they are essentially FLATS WITH A BIT OF A HEEL!!! Patent, big bow, and a heel that suits a schlepper's liking? What more could a recovering chick in Spain ask for besides a dazzling new pair of slip-on beauties?

....I wore them the first night I bought them! so comfy! stay tuned for some outfit pics

<3 moi

P.S. I miss my dog, Cleopatra [Cleo/Clee/little dog] tons today. Isn't she purdy? Her name is also worth knowing about:

We got her after her older "brother," Caesar. He passed away last May, and I miss him every single day!

1 comment:

  1. those shoes are adorable!

    and how lucky are you that you had rainbow cake EVERY YEAR. my mom never got quite so creative....