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Friday, March 25, 2011

mystère du masque

I'm back from my trip! It was quite interesting, and I'm exhausted from traveling, so I'm just going to give you a little sneak peak of one of my favorite cultural aspects of Spain...

Even though I was in Spain, I was able to utilize my French fluency. The artist in d us that the main appeal of masks in Spanish and Venetian culture is the element of mystery. On my previous trip to Spain, I went to Almeria to study the artist Ibanez; his art features many masks [some even scare me a bit...]!the shop tol

...and speaking of "m. du m." -- I want M&Ms right now. S.O. to my sophomore year roommate, who started my tradition and obsession [I have a lot of those] with the notorious "M&M JAR!" P.S. Replacing "crunchy" for "pretzel" is not OK.

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