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Monday, June 13, 2011

Products to AVOID!

During the summer, I find myself trying out a myriad of cosmetics and hair products... aren't you guys a lucky bunch of followers? :) I try them out, and you get to pick and choose which of the good ones you wanna go buy!

Anywho: In my search for the perfect shampoo to keep my hair soft, healthy and frizz-free, I stumbled upon this load of _____:

Stay away from me! I don't work!

This shampoo, which contains keratin, the main ingredient (protein for the hair) that keeps your hair straight after a Brazilian treatment, sounds awesome, but in reality.... really sucks. If you have the type of hair that needs it, and you can afford it, I highly recommend getting a Brazilian or Keratin hair treatment. Unfortunately, I still have to babysit.... like.... 80 more times? until I can get my next one! But seriously. This shampoo does the opposite of what it's supposed to, and I found my hair to be dry and brittle during the time I used it.

The next item I'm going to tell you to stay away from is a product that I wish worked:

L'Oreal one-sweep eyeshadow

This is supposed to be "eye shadow made easy" for those who need it, but I, as someone who doesn't need it, am telling you that it is not easy ( <---- In fact, it's as difficult to understand as that sentence was to read). The applicator of this make-up is designed to color the lid and crease of your eye perfectly (this can be challenging for some to do evenly), leaving only a little bit of blending left for you. However, I find myself adding more color from a different shadow with a different brush to fill in areas or alter the original shading. 

I was even more disappointed when this product didn't work out because L'Oreal makes all of these different color combinations:

L'Oreal tells you on the packaging which color combos are best for your eye color. I tried two different sets, and I still couldn't get the look I wanted. My mom's a make-up artist, so an affinity for this sort of thing runs in the fam.... I suggest you take my advice and stay away from these products! If you are one of my readers who has trouble with eye make-up application, don't worry! I will post a cosmetic tutorial soon!

Have any of you tried these? Do you agree with my opinion? Do you know of any awesome products for me to try?

<3 Madison

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  1. that is very good to know about that shampoo. i've almost bought it before! thanks for the info!