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Monday, June 6, 2011

My weekend in photographs

I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all did too! 

My grandmother turned 80 yesterday, and we had a party for her on Saturday. It was an intimate gathering with only family (my family is extremely large - I have tons of cousins and my two favorites came in :)!).

One of my closest friends from high school graduated from college this year, and her little brother graduated from high school. They had an amazingly fun party (as this family always does), and it was also a beautiful evening.

I couldn't possibly express how much fun I had in words, or explain just how pretty the grounds where we had my grandmother's party were, or how special it is to celebrate milestones with friends you've known your entire life, so I'll just show you some pictures!

My grandmother is pictured on the left. She looks amazing, doesn't she?!
My beautiful cousin is on the right (her dress = BCBG)

the grounds of Antrim 1844
dress via Anthro
bag = Furla

Trying to hone my photography skills... I have a point and shoot camera.
anyone wanna buy me a DSLR as a belated grad gift? ;)

My favorite person in the world happens to be related to me. He
is not only my cousin, but my very best friend in the whole wide world!
Also: notice the live music at this happenin' 80th b-day bash!

To all of my beautiful friends even those of you not pictured,

Let me know if you want to see more! What did you do this weekend?

<3 Madison

P.S. Does anyone have any photography tips for me?

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